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U.S. Embassy issues security alert over expected protests (Feb. 22)

The United States Embassy in Costa Rica has issued the following security alert regarding expected protests on Monday, February 22:

The U.S. Embassy has received credible open-source information from social media sites indicating several municipalities plan to conduct a protest in front of the Legislative Assembly on Monday, February 22.  A specific time for the protest has not yet been announced.  According to the information, the group is protesting the new public employment law and negotiations with the IMF.

Additionally, the U.S. Embassy has received credible open-source information from local media outlets indicating dozens of tour guides will demonstrate outside the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) on Monday, February 22.  No specific time has been announced.  According to the information, the group wants a meeting with Minister of Tourism Gustavo Segura to find a solution to the economic crisis caused by COVID-19

The Embassy recommends avoiding crowds and demonstrations. Click here for the location of the Legislative Assembly building; click here for the location of the ICT headquarters.

More recent reports indicate both gatherings may start at 9 a.m. Monday.

A larger protest movement against the IMF deal was expected to begin last week; however, it largely didn’t materialize. Monday’s gathering at the Legislative Assembly is in opposition to employment reform that the government says would help Costa Rica curtail its deficit by simplifying pay structures for public workers.

Tour guides are gathering to condemn what they argue has been inadequate support from the government in context of the coronavirus pandemic.

Protests in Costa Rica are overwhelmingly non-violent.

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