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EuroMillions Superdraw offers Costa Ricans a chance to win €163,000,000 – currently the biggest lottery prize in the world!

The jackpot for the upcoming EuroMillions Superdraw has been set at a massive 163 million euros since there were no winners in the first draw of the exciting European lottery series. The next draw will take place on Friday, 12 February, and amazingly, you can play for a chance to win it from Costa Rica!

Lottery fans across Europe and all around the world eagerly anticipated the results of the EuroMillions Superdraw on 5 February. The numbers drawn were 12, 19, 37, 44, 45, and the two Lucky Stars were 2, 6. According to media sources, 47,342,512 entries were purchased for this draw, and not one of them matched the numbers drawn. As a result of now two rollovers, the jackpot has grown to €163 million.

The EuroMillions jackpot is currently the biggest lottery prize in the world. It’s no wonder that lottery fans everywhere are now turning their attention to the next draw, which will take place on Friday, 12 February 2021.

What is the Superdraw and how could you win it?

The EuroMillions Superdraw, the biggest lottery event in Europe, takes place only a few times a year. Unlike the biweekly EuroMillions draws, which initially guarantee a €17 million jackpot, the Superdraw jackpot is boosted right from the start to €130 million. If the jackpot is not won, the Superdraw prize keeps rolling over from draw to draw, up to a maximum of €210 million. If the prize reaches that high, it would be a new EuroMillions Superdraw record.

EuroMillions tickets can be purchased in nine different countries but as a resident of Costa Rica, you shouldn’t feel left out. You can buy EuroMillions Superdraw tickets online, already now, at, the world’s leading online ticket courier service.


How to play for the €163,000,000 jackpot from Costa Rica

  1. Open an account at  thelottercom.
  2. Select the EuroMillions Superdraw from a list of 45+ lotteries.
  3. Indicate how many lines you want to
  4. Choose your 5 main numbers (from a guess range of 1-50).
  5. Choose your 2 Lucky Stars (from a guess range of 1-12).

theLotter offers a minimum of 3 lines for a total cost of less than €17.

When you play the EuroMillions Superdraw from Costa Rica online at theLotter, your odds of winning the jackpot are exactly the same as those of someone who physically buys a ticket in one of the nine countries participating in the game.

What happens next?

theLotter’s local agents in Spain will purchase official EuroMillions tickets on your behalf. theLotter scans and uploads a copy of your ticket to your account, where you can see it before the draw, and safeguards the paper ticket for you to collect in case it is a winner. This system is simple, your tickets are secure, and your ownership of the tickets is guaranteed.

Could you win the EuroMillions Superdraw from Costa Rica?

If your five main numbers and two Lucky Stars match the numbers selected in the draw, you win the EuroMillions Superdraw jackpot!

Winning the EuroMillions Superdraw jackpot, or any lottery prize for that matter, is a matter of luck. That said, players from all over the world have won huge prizes using the lottery ticket purchasing services of theLotter, proving that anyone could win.

H.S.L. from South Korea won a €1 million prize when he played EuroMillions at theLotter in July 2019. “At first I couldn’t believe if this was real or not,” he said. Representatives of theLotter called to congratulate him and helped him collect his prize.

Lucky players from Australia, El Salvador, Hungary, Iraq, Panama, Russia, Ukraine, and countless other countries have collected prizes after playing the lottery online at theLotter. No commissions are deducted from prizes paid through theLotter, but all winnings are subject to local taxes, where applicable.

You can play the EuroMillions Superdraw from the comfort of your home in Costa Rica and maybe, you will be the winner of the €163 million jackpot!

For more information how to play EuroMillions Superdraw online from Costa Rica, please visit Good luck and please play responsibly!


Lotto Direct Limited is operating Lotto Direct Limited is licensed by the Costa Rica Gaming Authority; License Reference MGA/B2C/402/2017. 18+ only. Gambling can be harmful if not controlled. Please play responsibly. For more information visit

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