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Nicaraguan doctors criticize government secrecy about pandemic

Costa Rica recognizes risk

The Costa Rican government has reinforced security at its northern border in an attempt to slow irregular immigration from Nicaragua.

Last week, several northern districts were issued lengthy nighttime driving and river navigation restrictions to help those efforts.

Health Minister Daniel Salas and Vice President Epsy Campbell have both referenced the risk Costa Rica faces from its neighbors — Panama and Nicaragua — which both have high coronavirus tolls.

“Our primary health risk is the high level of circulation of the virus that exists in our neighboring country of Nicaragua,” Salas said in late May. “That’s the biggest risk we face right now.”

Costa Rica has itself announced a recent uptick in cases, primarily in the country’s Northern Zone.

“Cases are occurring more in vulnerable populations with migratory roots, agricultural workers, [and] construction workers, who are below the poverty line,” said Román Macaya, executive president of Costa Rica’s Social Security System (CCSS).


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