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Watch ‘The Bachelor’ next week to see if Pilot Pete can find love in Costa Rica

Here’s an important story for fans of quality TV: Next week’s episodes of “The Bachelor” will take Pilot Pete and the remaining contestants to Costa Rica.

The popular reality TV show — currently in its 24th season — will broadcast a new episode on Monday and Wednesday nights. Among the highlights will be a trip to Costa Rica, where drama will undoubtedly ensue.

*** Minor spoilers below ***

This season’s bachelor is Peter Weber — AKA “Pilot Pete,” because he’s a commercial airline pilot, enjoys flying puns (they’re just plane fun) and showed up to a previous season dressed in his uniform. He’s having a somewhat turbulent (ha) experience on “The Bachelor.” Last week alone:

  • He welcomed a contestant back onto the show whom he had previously sent home. This angered most of the remaining women.
  • He went on a date that featured a concert led by none other than his date’s ex-boyfriend.
  • He spent time in Ohio.

While in Costa Rica, Pilot Pete apparently suffers a facial injury and is taken to a San José hospital for stitches. We can only assume this was staged to show off Costa Rica’s excellent healthcare system.

(The contestant was “100% OK” after the incident, according to Chris Harrison, the show’s host.)

Pilot Pete and the women — of which there currently remain more than a dozen — visited Arenal Volcano and stayed at The Springs Resort & Spa, according to a press release from the hotel.

“What makes The Springs Resort & Spa so special for filming are its dramatic views of the Arenal Volcano, its vivid, topical, rainforest scenery and its amazing architecture that translates beautifully to high definition TV,” the hotel said in a statement.

Of course, to the contestants, just about any destination would be an upgrade. After all, in last week’s episode, they were in Cleveland:

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