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Friday, September 29, 2023

TBT: Costa Rica’s gift of happiness

Why  are Costa Ricans so happy? It might just be because of the talking, anthropomorphic sloths.

A second video features Mr. Sloth as he visited Arenal Volcano in north-central Costa Rica, Playa Negra in the northwestern Guanacaste province, the National Theatre in San José, and Monteverde in the north-central region, where he falls asleep hanging upside down at the end of the video.

And then came this one: Where do Costa Ricans go on vacation? To virtual Costa Rica — which has even more sloths!

Mr. Sloth and his free trips to Costa Rica became an internet sensation in 2011, and tens of thousands of people entered the promotional giveaway contest. Even Anderson Cooper got involved, presenting a newlywed couple with a Gift of Happiness trip on his show.

If you want to see how expats have moved to Costa Rica to live a “happiness lifestyle” check out a book by Nadine Hays Pisani from Amazon




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