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What to consider with international drug and alcohol rehab

People choose to travel to international drug and alcohol rehabs for a variety of reasons.

First and foremost, rehab in the United States and Canada is expensive. Even with insurance, price can be a major barrier that prevents people from getting the help they need.

A willingness to travel allows people to find the best-fit rehab centers across the world – the ones that match an individual’s needs in terms not only of price, but methods and services.

Finally, the physical aspect of traveling to a new place complements the metaphorical journey an addict takes toward sobriety. Separating from drug or alcohol triggers can aid in the process getting sober and maintaining sobriety.

If you or someone you love has chosen to travel abroad for drug or alcohol rehab, there are several factors to weigh when deciding where to go. Addiction Center recommends considering cost, success rates, services offered and language options.

We’ve partnered with the Costa Rica Treatment Center to share how they can be a good destination for those considering international drug or alcohol rehab.

Cost of services and payment options

At $4,950 per month, Costa Rica Treatment Center is a significantly more affordable program than similar residential programs in the United States and Canada. Those can regularly reach upwards of $20,000 for equivalent care.

The CRTC admissions team is available to help address any financial inquiries, and it provides a detailed overview of treatment services that can be presented to health insurance providers for potential reimbursement. Contact them toll free at 1-800-708-3656 or visit their webpage at for more information.

Treatment success rates

The staff at Costa Rica Treatment Center is so confident in their program that they offer a guarantee with the successful completion of its 120-day inpatient residential treatment program.

While no drug rehab center is a total surety, the Costa Rica Treatment Center offers evidence-based programs that are designed to guide their patients toward recovery, even if previous attempts or drug rehabs have failed. Their treatment guarantee also means that CRTC is fully committed to helping clients adjust to life outside of the residential program and avoid a relapse post-discharge.

Costa Rica Treatment Center’s programs include a focus on reintegration into “regular” life, so that clients are able to establish and maintain a healthy routine after leaving the residential facilities.

Rehabilitation services

Upon arrival at Costa Rica Treatment Center, clients undergo a full medical examination and, if necessary, drug or alcohol detox supervised by experienced medical professionals. Afterward, clients meet with their assigned treatment team and create a personalized plan for recovery from substance use disorder.

The treatment plans include individual and group therapies, addiction counseling, physical activity and spiritual development.

Costa Rica Treatment Center is connected with the English-speaking 12-step communities in Costa Rica, and clients regularly attend off-site meetings and are encouraged to engage in sponsor/sponsee relationships with members of the program. Other activities at the center include yoga taught by a certified instructor, art therapy led by a certified art therapist and psychologist, and forest therapy led by a certified nature therapist.

Costa Rica Treatment Center offers 30, 60, 90 and 120-day intensive treatment programs at its facilities in the Rohrmoser neighborhood of San José, Costa Rica.

Language options

Costa Rica Treatment Center’s addiction treatment model includes a bilingual team that comprises the highest staff-to-patient ratio in the region.

The bilingual team is highly qualified and includes, among others, licensed mental-health professionals, clinical psychologists, an addictions psychiatrist, two board-certified doctors, and a licensed nurse.

CRTC’s programs have also been accredited by the Institute of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction of Costa Rica and the Costa Rican Ministry of Health.

* * * *

International drug and alcohol rehab isn’t the right option for everyone. While some may need the comfort of being close to home, many will benefit from the affordability and flexibility that comes with going abroad for treatment.

Whether you decide on Costa Rica Treatment Center or a different residential program, it’s important to consider cost, success rate, services offered and language as you explore international drug and alcohol treatment options.

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