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First hybrid buses arrive in Costa Rica

Your next bus ride in Costa Rica may be on a more ecologically friendly vehicle.

Two San José bus routes will soon use hybrid electric buses to transport some 1,600 passengers a day, according a press release from Banco Nacional, a state-owned bank which helped Autotransportes Sabana Cementerio S.A. finance the purchase.

The hybrid buses are the first of their kind in Central America, per the press release.

They will require an estimated 220 liters of diesel per week, compared to the 660 liters consumed by conventional buses. The hybrid system — built by Chinese manufacturer BLK — utilizes regenerative braking to recharge the batteries while driving.

Each bus can seat 46 people, with standing room for an additional 30.

“Within the sustainability strategy of the financial conglomerate, we support business initiatives that generate added value for users, businessmen and the environment,” said Silvia Chaves, head of sustainability at Banco Nacional.

The routes scheduled to use the hybrid buses are:

  • San José, Sabana Cementerio
  • San José, Barrio Pitahaya



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