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Mexican tourist murdered during a robbery attempt in Santa Teresa

Two men have been detained for the murder of a young Mexican tourist. Authorities say the woman was killed during an attempted robbery in Santa Teresa, Puntarenas, this Sunday.

Police say the woman, María Trinidad Matus, 25, was murdered early Sunday morning while she was walking along the beach in Santa Teresa with an English friend, who survived the robbery.

A spokesperson for the Judicial Investigation Police (OIJ) told reporters the act happened when two men tried to rob the tourists.

The survivor told police that she escaped when one of the attackers tried to take her to the ocean and drown her.

After a struggle, the British tourist escaped and was able to ask a security guard and locals for help. They were able to catch one of the robbers and Matus’s body was found on the beach soon after.

The second robber was caught a few hours later and both are in police custody according to the OIJ.

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