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Recycling drive collects 12 tons of plastic, falls short of Guinness World Record

An eight-hour recycling drive in La Sabana, San Jose, collected more than 400,000 plastic bottles this Sunday.

The drive, spearheaded by the Ecolones initiative, collected 12 tons of plastic but fell short of the world record, according to La Nacion.

The current Guinness World Record for most plastic bottles collected in eight hours is 25 tons. The record was set by Bisleri International Pvt Ltd. in Mumbai, India back in 2015. That drive collected 23,538.90 kilograms of plastic bottles and while all the bottles weren’t collected in eight hours, they were all weighed and recycled within that timeframe.

The bar for animal-led recycling is a bit lower. Tubby, a Labrador from the United Kingdom, holds the record for most bottles recycled by a dog. Tubby has collected and crushed more than 26,000 bottles in six years.

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