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Friday, March 24, 2023

On sunny Election Day, Costa Rican voting heats up

While our Election Day reporters around the country reported a sluggish start during the morning hours of this presidential and legislative contest, some reported bigger crowds, more colorful partisan cheerleading and even some dancing as the day continued.

In various locations around the country, including Tres Ríos and Curridabat, east of San José; Desamparados, to the south, and Heredia, to the north of the capital; and Bijagua, Guanacaste, near the northern border with Nicaragua; and other locations around the country, our correspondents reported significant turnout.

Will voter participation truly surpass forecasts, or is it an optical illusion caused by our low expectations? How will the night ahead unfold? Stay tuned to our live blog, beginning at 6 p.m., for continuing coverage, and follow us on Instagram at @TheTicoTimes for more pics and videos.

Francisco Cubillo / Tico Times
Katherine Stanley / The Tico Times
Francisco Cubillo / The Tico Times
Gregory Calvo / @greg_calvo / The Tico Times
Iva Alvarado / @ivacaminando / The Tico Times
Paula Alvarez / The Tico Times
Iva Coronado / @ivacaminando / The Tico Times
Gregory Calvo / @greg_calvo / The Tico Times

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