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Experienced champ, rising talents claim victory on Dominical waves

It looks like Jason Torres wants a repeat of his excellent water work in 2015, the year he was crowned the Costa Rican National Surfing Champion.

With a first-place finish in the Copa HOOKD contest in Dominical this weekend, Torres kicked off his participation in the Kolbi Circuito Nacional de Surf presented by Adrenaline Rush at the top of the rankings as the nationwide surf competition began its 17th year in front of Tortilla Flats restaurant. He received 1,500 rankings points for his win.

“I’m so happy to win the event in Dominical,”  Torres said. “The main goal is win the national circuit again and be part of the National  Team for the World Surfing Games in France, and also win the World Surfing Games. That’s my goal this year.. and to compete in more events in the QS [Qualifying Series], now that I have the points to get there.”

The surfer from Jacó, as well as the other participants — 170 in total — were plagued all weekend by a dropping swell. In the final, Torres was joined by Jair Perez (Jacó), Sean Foerster (Sámara) and Maykol Torres (Esterillos), all of whom were attempting to launch high-scoring risky maneuvers in ankle-slapping waves.

Organizers agreed that these were rare conditions for Dominical, which is usually a big strong wave. Regardless, Torres came out victorious with two mid-scoring rides (6.50 and 7.07) for a total of 13.57.

With Leilani McGonagle and Emily Gussoni — two of the dominant women’s surfers — off in Australia now, the door was open for Coral Wiggins of Avellanas to win in Dominical and rack up important rankings points.  Just this past week, Wiggins was picked up by the large surfing company Hurley to became a team rider, and the 16-year-old was on fire. In the end, she not only scored the top spot in the Women’s division, but the Junior Women’s as well for good measure.

“I got a result that I’ve been working for,” said Wiggins. “This tournament is dedicated to my parents and my sponsors who make all this possible.”

“Coral, along with Zulay Martinez, are this generation’s leaders,” said Carlos Brenes of the Federación de Surf de Costa Rica, which organizes the Circuito Nacional. “Coral won her appointment against experienced surfers like [12-time national Women’s Champion] Lisbeth Vindas and Zulay herself. She is a 16-year-old girl who has just sent a clear message about her future.”

The complete calendar for Kolbi Circuito Nacional de Surf, presented by Adrenaline Rush, is March 25-6 in Puerto Viejo, April 22-23 in Santa Teresa, May 20-21 in Nosara, and June 24-25 in Jacó, with the Grand Finale July 21-23 in Hermosa.  The spread of dates includes the four main surfing sectors of the country — North, South and Central Pacific, along with the Caribbean.

Brenes added that the Circuito has a special mission this year. With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in sight, as well as Costa Rica’s commitment to participate in the Juegos Centroamericanos de Managua 2017 and the World Surfing Championships in France, the work that the surfers do in the Circuito will be of the utmost importance.

“In this sense, the competitive work completed in the minor leagues is vital in order to bring the best of the best to these contests,” he said. “The Olympic cycle here today takes into account the best in the country, but remember that the big goal is in Tokyo 2020, which is why betting on the new generations seems right.”



  1. Jason Torres (Jacó)
  2. Jair Pérez (Jacó)
  3. Sean Foesrter (Sámara)
  4. Maykol Torres (Esterillos Oeste)


  1. Coral Wiggins (Avellanas)
  2. Rubiana Brownell (Dominical)
  3. Valentina Resano (Nicaragua)
  4. Merary Jimenez (Quepos)


  1. Sean Foerster (Sámara)
  2. Oscar Urbina (Puerto Viejo)
  3. Francisco Coronado (Brasilito)
  4. Joseph Méndez (Jacó)

Junior Women’s

  1. Coral Wiggins Araya (Avellanas)
  2. Zulay Martínez (Tamarindo)
  3. Paulina Summers (Limón)
  4. Emily Anderson (Pavones)


  1. Isauro Elizondo (Panamá)
  2. Oscar Urbina (Puerto Viejo)
  3. Samuel Reidy (Dominical)
  4. Tao Rodriguez (Panamá)


  1. Valentina Resano (Nicaragua)
  2. Rubiana Brownell (Dominical)
  3. Candelaria Resano (Nicaragua)
  4. Coral Wiggins (Avellanas)


  1. Samuel Reidy (Dominical)
  2. Darshan Antequera (Jacó)
  3. Aaron Ramirez (Jacó)
  4. Leo Apreda (Jacó)


  1. Kalani Abrahao
  2. Teo Galé
  3. Leo Apreda
  4. Pietro Garroux

Minigrommets Girls

  1. Candelaria Resano (Nicaragua)
  2. Rachel Agüero (Jacó)
  3. Valeria Ojeda
  4. Faith Tomas (Dominical)





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