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A Weekend in Nicaragua, Part 4: Las Isletas

In this final excerpt from the “Weekend in Nicaragua” series, Robert Isenberg and Bill Holman paddle kayaks into “Las Isletas” – 365 tiny islands that stand in the shallows of Lake Nicaragua. According to geologists, the islets were created when Mt. Mombacho exploded, hurling giant chunks of rock into the water.

We met a man named William, one of the islands’ few native inhabitants, who rents kayaks to tourists. Our guide was 19-year-old Miguel, who led us down a “short cut” through the islands’ marshes. The final destination was “Monkey Island,” home to four sociable apes.

To see the series from the beginning, click here. And stay tuned for the full travelogue about our weekend in the land of lakes and volcanoes.

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