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Panama celebrates Independence Day

A parade of soldiers marches through Casco Viejo on Nov. 3 to celebrate Panama’s Independence Day. Also translated as “Separation Day,” the holiday commemorates Panama’s secession from Colombia in 1903. Panama City was filled with day-long events, although much of the population vacated for the beaches. The celebration comes in the middle of a flurry of Panamanian holidays, including Día de los Difuntos (Day of the Dead, Nov. 2), Flag Day (Nov. 4),  Colón Day (Nov. 5), and a second Independence Day (from Spain) on Nov. 28. In a letter from John Kerry, the U.S. secretary of state said, “The Republic of Panama has much to celebrate this year. You marked the 100-year anniversary of the Panama Canal. Your government created the Panama Bilingue initiative which will significantly increase educational exchanges between our two nations. And you inaugurated a new president after a spirited campaign. … On this day of celebration, I send best wishes to all Panamanians. Felicidades!”

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