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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Watch Costa Rican midfielder José Luis Cordero score an incredible 45-meter goal

José Luis Cordero impressed football fans worldwide with his superbly lofted long-distance goal in a Costa Rica league match over the weekend. A.D. Belén’s Cordero took aim from almost 50-meters out to nail the perfect golazo right over the outstretched arm of the Herediano goalkeeper.

The goal put Belén up 1-0 against Cordero’s old team. The 27-year-old had left Herediano after playing for them during the summer season. Cordero signed with A.D. Belén for the winter season that began in August. Herediano, always one of the league’s best teams, achieved a 2-2 draw with A.D. Belén despite Cordero’s bomb from midfield.

Cordero’s play was highlighted by the U.K.’s Daily Mirror as well as French, Belgian and Italian publications.

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