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‘Chasing Ice’ receives special screening at AmCham

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons
Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

In the great debate about climate change, James Bolag is a maverick: The renowned photojournalist headed to the Arctic Circle with a team of assistants, set up cameras among the fjords, and filmed time-lapse footage of the melting glaciers. Filmmaker Jeff Orlowski directed a documentary about the project, “Chasing Ice,” which has won international acclaim.

The Costa Rican-American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) will screen this provocative film in its offices on Thursday, thanks to its Sustainability Committee.

In the film, viewers watch Bolag in action, using state-of-the-art equipment and software to capture his images. The film also defines “calving,” the process by which glaciers deteriorate and break into the ocean. As the Christian Science Monitor put it: “The speeded-up effect is harrowing and also, disturbingly, eerily beautiful.”

Meet likeminded viewers at this special screening. Seating is limited, but if you’re not able to make the 9 a.m. showing, the documentary is also available on local Netflix.

“Chasing Ice” screens on June 19 at the AmCham offices, North La Sabana. 9 a.m. Free. Confirm attendance at 2220-2200.

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