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After prolonged dispute, Miss Nicaragua 2013 loses her crown

MANAGUA – Miss Nicaragua 2013 Nastassja Bolívar had her crown taken away, according to a statement from the country’s local Miss Universe franchise. The surprise move has shocked the country.

The director of the franchise, Karen Celebertti, decided that Bolívar “will have no involvement in the official events” for the Miss Nicaragua Organization. Celebertti alleged that the conflict began shortly after Bolívar was elected to represent Nicaragua, and insubordination led to the beauty queen losing her title.

Bolívar, 25, who resides in Miami, Florida, landed in the final 16 of the Miss Universe pageant held in Russia in November of last year (Miss Costa Rica also attained a spot in the top 16). Bolívar won first place in the category of Best National Costume among the 89 participants.

The beauty queen reacted to the decision by saying that “with or without the crown” she intends to support any cultural or social project that requires her participation in and out of Nicaragua. But she has said little else about the situation.

The disagreements between Bolívar and Celebertti were evident over the weekend when the reigning queen did not participate in the presentation of Miss Nicaragua 2014 candidates.

However, the origin of the conflict occurred before the Miss Universe pageant, when Bolívar “in her own decision” left pageant preparation in Nicaragua and moved to Miami, Celebertti said in the statement. She added that the beauty queen also removed her manager, and gave that role to her mother.

Celebertti said to avoid giving the country a bad image, she allowed Bolívar to enter Miss Universe, and paid her entry fee, airplane ticket and baggage.

The dispute between the two women has sparked reactions on social media and in the press, with Bolívar and Celebertti receiving heaps of support and criticism.

Ex-Miss Nicaragua 1991 Ana Pereira said she was worried for the “painful image” that’s being sent by Celebertti’s decision. She said the country ought to be above egos and whims.

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