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Coming soon to Costa Rica: No more paper bills for water utilities

Costa Rica’s Water and Sewer Institute (AyA) this year will stop printing and delivering water bills to all residences, and will instead email or text them, an agency spokesman said. 

The plan was launched last year in selected rural communities and for some 30,000 customers living in the central canton of San José. In December it will be expanded to include the Greater Metropolitan Area, AyA’s vice manager of the metropolitan region, Sergio Núñez Rivera, said.

“Customers will be notified in their bills the date on which we will stop delivering  printed copies,” he added.

According to the agency, reducing paper use has benefits for both AyA and customers.

“They (customers) will no longer need to bring paper bills with them when they pay. It also will save resources for the agency and help protect the environment by reducing paper use,” Núñez said.

Customers can choose how they’d like to receive monthly bills by registering a phone number or an email address. For those without access to a mobile phone or email account, AyA will issue a printed card with a Service Identification Number (NIS) that is used to verify account balances at authorized payment centers.

The card also can be used to report water-service problems.

To register a cellphone number or an email address, email: and  including your full name, ID number, cellphone number and NIS (a seven-digit number at the top of your water bill).

Anyone wishing not to register can check monthly bills by calling  800-REPORTE (800-7376783) or by sending a NIS in a text message to 4545.

L. Arias
L. Arias
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