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Libertango seduces with Argentine classics

When we hear the word “tango,” we usually think of the dance itself: clasped hands, bodies pressed together, roses clenched in teeth. But the Libertango Quintet would like to remind its listeners that tango music is art form unto itself, and even if you take away the elegant ball gowns and hungry gazes, the composition can stand alone.

Inspired by the works of Astor Piazzolla and his Buenos Aires Quartet, Libertango performs original arrangements of classic tango pieces, from Edgardo Donato’s “A media Luz” to Piazzolla’s “Tangata.” This sumptuous combination of strings, piano and accordion will seem all the more seductive in the elegant surroundings of the National Theater.

Libertango aims to honor both Argentine tango and the musical talents of Costa Rica, and its performers had the distinction of being the only Latin American musical group at the Sounds of Eurasia Festival, held in Russia last year. Catch them at dusk for a one-evening performance.

Libertango performs Nov. 28. National Theater, San José. 5 p.m. 4,000 ($8). Info: Info: 2010-1111,

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