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More than 12,000 Costa Ricans are registered to vote from abroad

A report issued on Monday by the Supreme Elections Tribunal (TSE) indicates that the list of all Costa Ricans registered to vote in upcoming Feb. 2 elections increased by 212,104 people, or by 7.4 percent, compared with the previous election in 2010.

The TSE has closed voter registration, including for 12,654 Costa Ricans living abroad who are allowed to vote in the upcoming presidential election cycle.

The countries with the largest number of registered Tico voters are the United States with 8,316, Canada with 484, Mexico with 418, and Spain with 368.

Feb. 2 elections will determine a new president, two vice presidents, lawmakers and municipal officials.

However, Costa Ricans voting abroad will be allowed to choose only a new president and vice presidents, according to the country’s legislation. 

In 2010, the number of registered Costa Rican voters was 2.8 million. The TSE’s latest report noted that a total of 3 million Costa Ricans will be eligible to vote in February.

The number of total registered voters is nearly balanced between men and women, with 6,583 more women registered this year than men.

The list of voters includes nearly 50,000 naturalized Costa Ricans, the TSE reported.

L. Arias
L. Arias
Reporter | The Tico Times |

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