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Mathletes need cash

Eight ambitious Costa Rican students dream to compete and win medals in this year’s Iberoamerican Math Competition (CIIM), but they’re a little short on cash.

Back in 2009, student Daniel Campos took home the silver medal in CIIM, and then he helped found the University of Costa Rica Math Olympics team. The team grew to more than 10 students with continued support from Professor William Alvarado, each year finding a way to send at least one “mathlete” to CIIM. Since 2009, the team has brought home a total of five medals ranging from bronze to gold.

Last year was the first time a whole team (four students) was able to compete in the math competition thanks to an indiegogo campaign that the students started themselves.

This year, they have started another indiegogo campaign in hopes of sending two teams (eight students) and their tutors: Jorge Arce, Óscar Arguedas, Santiago Chaves, Edward Coto, Jennifer Loria, Héctor Méndez, Óscar Quesada, Óscar Zamora, and Daniel Barrantes as tutor.

The team started the campaign on Sept. 15 with a goal to raise $4,000 of the $6,000 needed to send the eight students to the competition in Armenia, Colombia. CIIM takes place from Oct. 15-20 and the team needs round-trip airfare plus $50 a day each for room and board. While the team hopes to secure more medals, the chance to participate is reward enough, members say.

The Interuniversity Iberoamerican Mathematics Competition was founded to encourage the study of mathematics and academic excellence in the Latin American university community, improve scientific capacity through motivation and international competitiveness  and contribute to the social, cultural and economic development of Latin American countries.

Prizes for this competition include scholarships. The Institute of Pure and Applied Math (IMPA) rewards the medalists with scholarships to attend their Institute in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, during the summer.

“You can expect great things from this year’s team!” says the Math Olympics Team.

For more information and to contribute, visit the indiegogo campaign:

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