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Harsh storms, heavy winds expected to continue in Costa Rica

Experts from the National Meteorological Institute (IMN) this week predicted that Costa Rica could expect up to 20 percent more rain than normal in coming weeks. 

Rains during the first two weeks of September already exceeded those registered during the same period last year, but 2012 was considered one of the driest in recent years. This week’s increase in rainfall was caused by a low-pressure system over the country, the IMN reported on Monday.

September and October usually are the harshest rainy season months, which in Costa Rica extends from May to November, and most of the rainfall is concentrated in the Central Valley and the Pacific region.

The IMN predicted that showers in coming weeks will be accompanied by strong winds and thunderstorms, mainly during afternoon and early evening hours.

Although current weather in the Caribbean region is marked by dry and mostly sunny conditions, experts believe the entire country in the next two months could receive the effects of at least six cyclones expected to form in the Caribbean.

IMN experts advised people living near rivers prone to flooding to be alert, as is not necessary for cyclones to be close to the country to cause heavy downpours.

A flood on Monday evening washed out a Bailey bridge in Vara Blanca, Alajuela, and heavy rains caused flooding in various parts of Costa Rica including Cartago, east of the capital, and Santa María de Dota, south of San José, where a bridge over the Río Blanco also collapsed.

Rainy season is expected to end by the second week of November, according to the IMN.

L. Arias
L. Arias
Reporter | The Tico Times |

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