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An Orosi getaway

Between zip-lining, surfing and white water rafting a typical Costa Rican adventure vacation can be exhausting. But those looking for a little bit of relaxation need look no further than Costa Rica’s most beautiful valley, in the area’s most adorable mountain lodge.

The Orosi Lodge was opened in 2000 by German botanists Andreas Veit and Cornelia Neck. The couple came to Costa Rica 20 years ago to build a production facility for poinsettias. They fell in love with the valley and decided to stay even after they were finished with their project.

“We have traveled all over the world to work on projects, but we never felt accepted the way we do here,” said Veit. “People know us now, we are a part of the community.”

Orosi Lodge

Delicious lemon mango cake.

Lindsay Fendt

Veit and Neck built the hotel with the community surrounding them in mind, bringing in local art to decorate the hotel. The lodge’s reception area also serves as a coffee shop and art gallery, displaying and selling hand-painted coffee sacks and decorated tiles. Orosi Lodge also sells and serves its own brand of local brew, organically grown by Coffee Cristina in Paraiso, just up the hill from town. The small farm exports most of its crop, but roasts part of it especially for the lodge. The coffee goes great with one of the lodge’s delicious cakes and even better with its incredible breakfast.

It’s rare that simple ingredients like eggs, tomato and bacon can make such an impression, but Orosi Lodge’s breakfast is one of the best I’ve had in Costa Rica. Covered in spices and sizzled in a skillet, the breakfast hasn’t changed since the lodge opened; its owners simply can’t imagine how the recipe might be improved. 

The coffee shop leads to garden pathway lined in tropical foliage. According to Veit, the flowers are always blooming. Why? “It’s simple really, when they stop blooming we just replace them. We’re botanists you know, we like to support the industry.”

The garden gives way to the small hotel’s six standard rooms each with a partial kitchen. Along the side, there is also two-story chalet with a full kitchen that sleeps six. The quaint, white washed rooms are simply decorated with wood floors and bamboo furniture. Bright colored sheets and tile add color to the rooms and hand-made prints of Costa Rican scenery adorn the walls.

Relaxing as the hotel may be, it’s the mountainous surroundings that provide the real draw. River rafting injuries and canopy tour harness rashes aside, there’s nothing that beautiful views and some good coffee in the Orosi Valley can’t cure.

Going there:

Orosi Lodge is located in the heart of the Orosi Valley in the center of the village.  Orosi is an hour drive from San José by way of Route 236 passing through Cartago and then Paraiso. Rooms in the low season are $51 for a double, $61 for a triple and $85 for double occupancy in the chalet. During the high season, rooms are $58 for a double, $68 for a triple and $95 for double occupancy in the chalet.

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