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Dessert Factory has sweet teeth covered

As you walk in to Dessert Factory in Curridabat, east of San José, you are greeted by bright interiors, mouthwatering food displays and friendly staff.

For three years, the eatery has encouraged its customers to participate in the treat-designing process, which means the result can be as healthy, as sweet, or as interesting as its creator. Building a dessert is easy, and allows each individual to determine how daring he or she wants to be.

The first step is to pick a base for the dessert, for instance, a crepe, muffin, cookie or cheesecake. Then, come the toppings. These range from ice cream to fruit coulis to chocolate pieces.

Those who think Dessert Factory knows a thing or two about making desserts right can also choose from a diverse menu. To drink, the establishment offers fruit smoothies, coffee drinks and milkshakes, and recently, the owner has added “salty” options, which include cheese cookies and salads with optional toppings.

As part of the experience, the chef will recommend you also drink an infusion made from spearmint, ginger and lemon to refresh the palate.

The service at Dessert Factory is excellent. The waitstaff and owner are ready with sincere smiles, providing helpful hints to newcomers. In addition to providing excellent service, the family-owned business prepares its own ice cream, sauces, milkshakes and pastries.

Another plus is the affordable prices. Though the price of desserts may vary based on the creativity of the customers’ choices, they usually end up costing approx. $6-8 per person. Coffee drinks range from $1-3, smoothies are $3 and you can sample their popcorn brownies for a buck.

Going There

Dessert Factory is open all week long from noon-8 p.m., except Mondays, when they close at 6:30 p.m. It is located 50 meters north of Plaza del Sol shopping center, in front of RostiPollos in Curridabat, San José. For more information, visit or


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