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Dolphins or Ants? Which way you going?

Think about a group of ants. Now think about a group of dolphins. Which is more appealing? Do you prefer scurrying, chaotic little insects, or socially adept and wondrous sea mammals?

Shawn Larkin

Shawn Larkin

There are other choices in life that may seem equally obvious. Say, the candidates for president in the United States. Or the evolution of Costa Rica – with or without Tico Times.

What would happen if the newspaper were to disappear, and the decisions about natural resources were made by a few wealthy gold miners who are certain that they know what’s best for our land and ocean? The country would be full of mines, with drones running around barren landscapes. Sort of like what ants look like.

Similarly, without checks on its power, the faceless multinational tuna fleet will rules the seas. Sustainability is out the window. A resource is harvested until it is gone, and then the workers simply move on. Remind you of anything? Right. Ants.

So should we divide up into castes in which most of us work like slaves so a few can do the tough job of living fat and bloated? Or maybe better we work together in groups, let the wise lead and help the weak. That’s what dolphins do. And that’s my humble suggestion.

Should we learn from other species or just devour them?

Should we exercise our big, questioning brains, rather than succumbing to hive control?

Should we move freely and smoothly about, trusting each other, or should we opt for heavier armor?

Year-round sex or year-round war?

Gene Roddenbury, the creator of Star Trek, nailed the essence of Cetacean or Arthropod. Human, or Borg, he asked. Is the human perhaps part machine? Borgs were more efficient, he concluded, but never happy.

Do we think, or just do what we are told?

Obama or Romney?

Tico Times or No Tico Times?

What I am trying to say is, go dolphin!

Vote Obama. Help save The Tico Times.

And give us all a nudge towards dolphin.

Dolphins have way more fun.


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