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Police nab 600 kilos of cocaine off Pacific coast of Costa Rica

Anti-narcotics agents seized 652 kilos of cocaine from a yacht in the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of the Osa Peninsula in the Southern Zone. Police arrested two Colombians and two Costa Ricans on drug trafficking charges.

“It has been a successful job, in conjunction with U.S authorities that gave us intelligence information, it was possible to stop a sporting yacht that carried two Costa Ricans and two Colombians with 27 bags of cocaine,” said Martín Arias, director of the Coast Guard.

Allan Fonseca, a deputy director for the Judicial investigation Police (OIJ), said that the boat had a Costa Rican flag, but was not registered with the country.

The yacht was intercepted by authorities on Wednesday off of Playa Carate, about 18 km from the coast, in the Osa Peninsula. Arias said the suspects have been charged in Panamanian waters.

Four Coast Guard boats from the Security Ministry and four OIJ boats worked for a month with U.S. authorities on intelligence information thhat led to the capture.


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