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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Health Ministry warns against consumption of natural products imported from Peru

Costa Rica’s Health Ministry issued an alert warning that “Nature Export” brand natural products are being sold in the country without proper ministry approval.

The products’ quality, safety and efficacy have not been evaluated by Health Ministry experts, and therefore are not authorized to be sold here, officials said.

Some of the products being distributed illegally in natural food stores are: Higazán digestivo, Prostazan, Riñozan, Cerebral memorex, Pasuchaca, 48 plantas + Clorofila, Adelgadina 9 in 1, Chanca Piedra, Uña de gato, Achuchilla, Picaflorina, Maca and Valeriana.

Labels on these products include “Producto Peruano de Exportación” (Peruvian export product) and “Distribuido por NATURE EXPORT” (distributed by NATURE EXPORT).

The Health Ministry said in a statement that “the consumption of these products is a health hazard and people should not buy them. Those who already bought them should stop using them immediately and report the stores where these products are being sold.”

Ministry officials said anyone with information about where the products are being sold can write to [email protected].

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