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Truckers strike causes countrywide gas shortages

José Miguel Masís, president of the Chamber of Fuel Businesses, said Tuesday that 70 percent of the country’s 350 gas stations are reporting shortages of all types of fuel, while the remaining 30 percent of stations face shortages of at least one type of fuel, mostly diesel.

“We have reports that gas stations have enough supplies just for today, so we expect a prompt response from the government officials,” he said.

On Tuesday morning, Environment Minister René Castro said 30 groups of officials from that agency will visit gas stations with orders to close them if they refuse to sell fuel.

National Police Director Juan José Andrade also told local media that police are guarding National Oil Refinery facilities in Ochomogo,Cartago, and La Garita, Alajuela, to ensure that truckers not participating in the strike are able to access fuel.

Truck drivers began a strike on Monday prompted by a government decision not to renew permits for some 100 older model fuel trucks.


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