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Choreography festival kicks off Sept. 8

The 28th annual Graciela Moreno Choreography Festival is under way at the National Theater in downtown San José. Promoting artistic expression through contemporary dance, the event runs through Sept. 11.

During the four-day festival, 21 choreographers and 95 dancers will debut 16 works created in Costa Rica. An international panel of judges including Sonia Sobral of Brazil, Alicia Sánchez of México and Kevin Irving of the U.S. will select the three works that best demonstrate the values of contemporary choreography.

“We have a deluxe panel of judges who, through their diverse voices, will make us reflect on our own dance scene,” National Theater Director Adriana Collado said in a press release. “Guests will see a series of innovations during the festival, and we are very eager to have the public enjoying this celebration of Costa Rican dance with us.”

The festival will also host panel discussions to establish dialogue about new dance perspectives.

At the National Theater, each night of the festival features four performances starting at 8 p.m. Tickets cost ₡5,000 ($10) and are available at the theater’s box office. For more information, see the festival’s Facebook page.


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