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A Mother’s Day gift for Costa Rica’s female police

President Laura Chinchilla announced Monday, Mother’s Day in Costa Rica, that a day care program would be created for the National Police’s female members. The creation of the national day cares, known as the red de cuido, was one of Chinchilla’s primary campaign promises.

“This program has been in the works for quite a while and we are little by little planting the seed of love, of caring, and of protection that is the most important in any country; the care of the children,” Chinchilla said. “These new CEN-CINAIs (local child care centers and nutrition clinics) represent a great example of where we plan to go.”

The new day care programs will provide care, mentoring and education to the estimated 430 children of female police officers. Chinchilla deemed the day care centers of “greatest importance” during her campaign in 2009 (TT, July 23, 2010).   

Chinchilla gave credit to former Health Minister María Luisa Ávila for her work on the expansion of national day care programs. Ávila, one of the country’s most popular ministers, stepped down from her post on July 28.


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