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Chinchilla administration’s first anniversary spoiled by Legislative Assembly

The anniversary celebration of Laura Chinchilla’s administration was spoiled last Sunday by her misbehaved friends. Chinchilla’s initial year as Costa Rica’s first female President will be next Sunday. 

Due to the botched election of the president of the Legislative Assembly this weekend, Chinchilla was unable to present her State of the Nation speech, which is given annually on International Workers’ Day. It was the first time in national history the speech was not delivered on International Workers’ Day.  

Since she could not give the speech, Chinchilla’s remarks were distributed to members of the media in a 24-page document titled “We are constructing a safe country.”

The title foreshadowed the two dozen pages of text, which were peppered with reminders of the national security measures established by the administration this year. The speech also highlighted the administration’s plans to augment national security during the upcoming years.

“Today I am here to confirm the vision that is shared by everyone in the country: to make Costa Rica a more secure home for all of its residents,” the speech said. “To achieve that goal, we will do so by following one route: the route of human security. Never before has the word ‘insecurity’ defined so many of our lives.”

Chinchilla also planned to touch on insecurity in the country. She noted that employees are worried about their jobs, investors about their funds, members of the agriculture sector about their harvest, youths about their education, the environmentalists about climate change and families about crime and violence.

To stem these issues, Chinchilla said her administration has meticulously mapped out strategies to reduce national insecurity by reducing unemployment, increasing police forces, creating more renewable energy resources and investing more in education. The extensive speech planned to detail a list of dozens of other methods the administration intends to implement to improve the country during Chinchilla’s remaining three years as President.   

Chinchilla 1st Year Poll

Which of the these issues deserves the most attention?

For more on Chinchilla’s planned State of the Nation speech and on her first year as president of Costa Rica, read the May 6 edition of The Tico Times


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