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Security minister: Limón top priority for fighting drug trafficking in Costa Rica

The Security Ministry has declared the province of Limón a priority in their efforts to combat drug trafficking, organized crime and delinquency. “Starting now Limón is a priority, and as such an integral effort will begin with gathering intelligence and analyzing everything that happens, so that through a widely coordinated effort begin [sic] to attack gangs and drug dealers that operate in the Province,” reads a press release from the Ministry.

In addition to the 200 police officers currently located in Limón, another 320 will be sent to work in conjunction with the Drug Control Police, the Investigative Judicial Police, and the DIS, which is like Costa Rica’s Secret Police. Immigration and gun-law enforcement were also listed as priorities.

“We are very conscious that we must have harmonic, prolonged, sustainable efforts with active community participation. Without the community the police, prosecutors and judges cannot do anything. I should note that I have much willingness from Limonense leaders, and we expect to see results in a few weeks,” Minister of Public Security Jose Tijerino said in a statement.

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