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More Banks to Offer QuickPass

Autopistas del Sol, the company that manages the San José-Caldera toll highway will soon sell QuickPass, an automated toll pass, at more banks. QuickPass will be on sale at BAC San José, Banco Nacional and LAFISE by the end of the month.

For nearly a year, private bank HSBC had a monopoly on the service, which allows drivers to pay tolls electronically with a chip placed on the windshield of a car. The service costs $30 for initial installation plus $1 per month. For those without an HSBC account, QuickPass also offers a prepaid option.

BAC San José will offer both the prepaid system and one that deducts toll amounts from customers’ bank debit accounts. LAFISE will make its service available only to existing clients.  

Drivers making the 45-minute trip to the coast must pass through four tolls, costing from ₡280 to ₡430 ($0.55 to $0.85). The Atenas tollbooth is temporarily closed for maintenance while workers install a provisional bridge at Kilometer 47. The original bridge was damaged by recent mudslides.


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