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Gadea Tells OAS’ Insulza to ‘Read the Democratic Charter’

Presidential hopeful Fabio Gadea this week called on José Miguel Insulza, secretary general of the Organization of American States (OAS), to “read the OAS’ Democratic Charter and act immediately” to save Nicaragua’s institutional democracy.

Gadea’s criticism of Insulza, during a campaign rally in León, coincided with the OAS chief’s visit to Managua last weekend to meet with President Daniel Ortega to discuss Nicaragua’s border conflict with Costa Rica. For the past two years, Nicaragua’s opposition has been calling on Insulza and the OAS to enact the Democratic Charter against Ortega, whom they claim is dismantling Nicaragua’s democracy. Insuzla did not meet with opposition leaders during his visit here.

“Now that Insulza is here, we should ask him, ‘Why did you defend (former Honduran President) Mel Zelaya when he wanted to stage a coup against the Honduran Constitution? And why now that Ortega is staging a coup against the institutionalism of our country do you not say anything?’” Gadea demanded.

The presidential pre-candidate added, “Insulza should read the Democratic Charter of the OAS and act immediately to tell don Daniel that he shouldn’t violate the Constitution and that he has to respect the laws and not destroy the powers of state.”


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