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New collection center, bigger recycling plans in southern Caribbean

The Talamanca-Caribbean Biological Corridor Association and the Recycling Association of the Caribbean announced this weekend that they have formed a new alliance to expand recycling services in the Talamanca, in Costa Rica’s southern Caribbean region.


Each week, the Recycling Alliance will collect glass, aluminum, all types of plastics, cardboard, paper, car batteries and used cooking oil from homes and businesses in the Talamanca area.


On Mondays, the Recycling Alliance will collect recyclable items from Cahuita to Hone Creek; Tuesdays from Manzanillo to Rockin Jay’s, just outside of Puerto Viejo; and Wednesdays from Puerto Viejo to Playa Negra.


On Thursdays the alliance will collect recyclable items from the Talamanca banana farms.


On the first and third Friday of every month, items will be collected from BríBrí, an indigenous community in the Talamanca mountains and on the second Friday of every month from Gandoca, a wildlife refuge on the southern Caribbean coast. On the fourth Friday of every month the alliance will visit several different indigenous communities in the area.


The Recycling Alliance is also developing plans with government officials to launch recycling education programs and build a waste treatment plant in Talamanca.


On July 31, the alliance will host a concert at the Super Hone Creek to inaugurate a new collection center in Hone Creek. The event will start at 9 a.m. and attendees are encouraged to bring recyclable materials.


For more information on the Recycling Alliance, contact the Biological Corridor in Hone Creek at 2756-8033 or 8319-2573.


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