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Passport Status Stickers System In Progress in C.R.

Foreigners with permanent residency in Costa Rica began receiving stickers to identify their status earlier this week.

The stickers, which are placed inside passports when residency status is granted or renewed, are intended for people in “special categories” in the country, including – but not limited to – students, academics, domestic servants and professionals.

According to the Immigration Administration, the new system is intended as a security measure to eliminate falsification of documents and to comply with specifications established by international travel organizations. The sticker includes photo identification, a signature, personal information and type of residency. Previously, the passports of foreigners with “categoría especial” were simply stamped.

“The launch of this project, which we’ve been working on for several years, allows us to consolidate our efforts … to increase security in the distribution of documents for permanent residents in Costa Rica,” Immigration Director Mario Zamora said in a statement.


–Chrissie Long


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