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In The News Oct. 23


4Coffee Percolates to 12-Month High


Coffee hit a 12-month-high selling international price Tuesday at $144.25 for the quintal (46 kilograms), the Coffee Institute of Costa Rica reported. October has shown the best prices of 2009, never falling below $126.70 per quintal. Tuesday’s price was the highest since Sept. 30. The institute forecasts the 2009-10 harvest will see a 7 percent increase on 2008-09.


4Honduran Resistance Peaceful

Juan Barahona, secretary general of the Honduran National Front against the Coup, this week debunked comments by Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, who claimed that the Honduran resistance is seeking guns in Nicaragua, Guatemala and El Salvador, and is looking to set up training camps. Barahona said the Honduran movement in favor of returning ousted President Manuel Zelaya to office will continue to be civil and nonviolent. Ortega is not a member of the resistance, nor is he a spokesman for the resistance, Barahona said.


4Refugee Status Awarded


Costa Rica recently granted refugee status to a former Venezuelan governor and old friend of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, according to an official of the Costa Rican Immigration Administration. Eduardo Manuitt, ex-governor of the state of Guárico, arrived in Costa Rica in April and was granted refugee status on July 21. The Venezuelan government issued a warrant for his arrest in April, claiming misuse of funds while in office (2004-2008).


4Central American Job Losses Mount


Job losses in Central America, excluding Guatemala, are expected to total 470,000 by the end of the year. This is according to a report issued by the Labor Market of Central America and the Dominican Republic. It makes no reference to the impact of the political crisis in Honduras. Additionally, the report says the region failed to generate some 290,000 new jobs this year.



José Road



The refurbished artery known as Paseo de Las Damas, which runs by the Atlantic Train Station and the National Park in San José, is open again. The work was done on Ave. 3 in the area that connects the old California theater to MorazónPark. The CEMEX Costa Rica company started the job on Aug. 10 and completed it three weeks early. In addition to refurbishing the road, the Municipality of San José rebuilt 600 meters of sidewalk. Inauguration ceremonies were Thursday.


4Diplomatic Visas Made Easier

Foreign diplomats who require visas to enter Costa Rica soon may be able to apply for them online. The Immigration Administration, cooperating with the Competitiveness Ministry, will launch a pilot program on Nov. 1 with China and Colombia. Under the new system, an applicant can request a visa from a home or office computer and the only visit to the Immigration Administration will be to present original documents and get a passport stamp.

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