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Costa Rica water authorities start inspections in San José

The Costa Rican Water and Sewer Institute (AyA) began a series of inspections Friday afternoon in San José to ensure the safety of the city´s potable water.

Friday´s sweep, the first of many to come, took place Mercado Central, a popular market in downtown San José that sells anything from kitchenware to medicinal plants to hefty portions of freshly cooked rice and beans.

Members of the national water laboratory, AyA and Health Ministry officials examined the water systems of more than 80 merchants in the market.

Officials from the national water laboratory took samples from several businesses in the marketplace, which will be analyzed to determine if the water used by the Mercado Central for drinking, cooking and cleaning is safe.

Officials from AyA also examined damage to the pipe system, where the institute has already noticed several leaks, according to an AyA press release. The institute will provide recommendations for the repair of leaks and the use of hydrometers to detect them, the press release said.

“This effort will bring us closer to our clients and because people know the work the institution does, it will help the city achieve quality potable water,” said AyA´s executive president, Ricardo Sancho, in a statement.

The institute will continue its sweeps in neighborhoods and other city sites in the upcoming weeks.


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