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Only Jesus Can Cure Victims of ‘Grisi Siknis’

Dear Nica Times:

Regarding the article on “Grisi Siknis,” (NT, April 24). I want to share my almost identical yet more resolved experience with the “crazy sickness” last year in Walikitang, Nicaragua.

My original intent for taking this arduous trip was to document on video the delivery of 2,000 pairs of Croc shoes in partnership with Soles United & Open Hearts Ministry.

Instead I got over 20 hours of investigative footage related to our run in with the “crazy sickness,” and ultimately the deliverance of these people from it.

I was almost immediately skeptical of the whole issue, but when confronted with it face-to-face, my thoughts turned 180 degrees. I told many people after my trip that I felt like I traveled through time and was part of some biblical narrative you read about in the gospels, where there was case upon case of people who were enslaved spiritually by something evil which in turn was manifesting physically through them.

In the same way, as a believer in Jesus Christ, by praying in the name of Jesus Christ the “crazy sickness” had no choice but to flee from this village. What the crazy sickness (evil) attempts to do is the same textbook game plan of our spiritual adversary – steal, kill & destroy.

We saw cases in children as young as 3 and even in some elderly. In some really focused prayer times over these blinded, delusional, terrified people, we eventually saw something break in them physically, and where their eyes were opened. Tears began streaming, and when the screaming subsided the victims were in their right minds again – smiling, eating and playing. They were no longer terrorizing the village in their possessed, altered state.

What the “crazy sickness” wants to do is instill fear in the village and paralyze their daily activity. Walikitang was literally on lock down the day before we arrived – you would’ve thought a hurricane was coming.

But Jesus Christ set them free of this fear. And more than just freeing them of this condition physically, he was primarily interested in their souls being delivered, accepting the simple and free gift of salvation through Christ that is offered to the world as a gift (John 3:16, Ephesians 2:8-9).

I would like to encourage people to check out the short video I created of the experience at:

Greg Gackle

Miami, Florida, USA



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