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Newsflash: Nicaragua back on board for Central America-EU talks

Nicaragua has confirmed its return to EU and Central American trade negotiations this week in Brussels, the newswire DPA reported.

“We are very pleased with Nicaragua´s decision to come back to the negotiations,” Emma Lizano, spokeswoman for the Costa Rican Foreign Trade Ministry (COMEX) told The Tico Times Monday night.

Manuel Coronel, vice minister of foreign relations for Nicaragua, told reporters on Monday that he will travel to Belgium Tuesday to participate in the latest round of talks beginning Thursday.

The big news comes after weeks of speculation regarding the nation´s role in the upcoming round after the Managua delegation walked away from t he last meeting, which took place in Honduras the week of March 30.

The Nicaraguans proposed a cooperation fund of €60 billion ($79 billion) during the last round without the consensus of the other four Central American countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

According to Coronel, during the recent Summit of the Americas in Trinidad and Tobago all of the leaders from the Central American nations agreed to the creation of such a fund, but added there are details that still need to be studied.


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