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Wanna Surf? Then It’s Time to Get in Shape

So you want to learn how to surf? More power to you! Surfing is unlike anything else in the world. It’s also one of the hardest sports to learn, but you can and you will, if you are determined.

We all know people start the New Year with all kinds of resolutions that are broken by February. If you are planning on learning to surf in 2009, joining us at the ChicaBrava surf camp in San Juan del Sur, or even just trying to keep your body in shape for surfing, read on for our list of ways to prepare yourself.

It takes time to build up the muscles you’ll need for paddling out to the line-up, catching waves, and riding them in. It is important to start working out your arms, as this is usually what tires first.

The sooner you start, the stronger you’ll be and the less tired you’ll get when surfing.

This will allow you last longer in the water, and surf more, which equals more fun!

There is no good substitute for actual paddling when it comes to conditioning your arms to … well, paddle!

One good way to prepare yourself for the rigors of surfing is by swimming in a pool or in the ocean.

Swimming is great for building muscle and cardio, and will allow you to build your endurance.

If you have a pool, another good way to build up the muscles we use for paddling is to lie on a long float or surfboard, tie one end to the edge of the pool, and paddle in place.

You can also build arm strength by doing just a few pushups each day.

You may need to do modified push-ups at first, by using your knees to help you instead of being in a full plank on your toes.  We recommend starting out with three sets of 10 push-ups.

As you get stronger, you can increase this to three sets of 12, then three sets of 15. Soon you’ll be doing these without the knee modification!

Sign up for a yoga class if you don’t attend one currently. Yoga is a great way to build upper body strength and gain flexibility that you’ll need once you’re riding the waves!

Not everyone has access to a pool and not everyone lives by the ocean…bummer. Here at Chica Brave we have both.

So if your resolution is to learn to surf or stay in shape during the winter season, take action and work out to keep your body fit and able.

You get out what you put in, and you will have more fun surfing in Nicaragua, or anywhere, if you train harder now.

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