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’Twas the Night Before Christmas Vacation

Mid the frenetic fanfare of holiday cheer,

I share my hopes for the coming year.

Peace in the streets, for the world and the nation,

And incomes keep up with the rate of inflation.

That our old Land Cruiser whose years hang heavy

Will once again pass the test at Riteve.

That I’ll sew a dress and it’ll turn out fine

And I’ll still fit in a size nine.

That the plants in the garden keep healthy and


And the tires go flat when someone else is driving.

That there be clear night skies when there are comets

And we have a cat that never vomits.

That all of our expectations shape up

And Costa Rica classifies for the World Cup.

That the year be free of a major disaster,

Such as an earthquake that shakes loose the plaster.

That the country prosper now that CAFTA has won

And there’s a Hyundai or moto for everyone.

That the environment flourishes as much as I please

With a multiplication of turtles and trees.

That we no longer have to see trash in the street,

That all the people and animals get enough to eat,

That differences in faith and color don’t count,

Though we all can subscribe to the Sermon on the Mount.

That we all work together to make the world nice

To stop global warming that’s melting polar ice

And making deserts where crops could flower.

That we find some other source to provide our power.

That we achieve an end to all violence and strife

And invest instead in the quality of life.

And here in my home my biggest of wishes

Is to never again have to wash dishes

(With anticipation I wait to see

If there’s a dishwasher under the tree).

To one and all my message is plain:

Enjoy all the good and don’t complain.

If we each do a bit to help out, why then,

The world will be better in 2010.

To all my readers, wherever you be,

Happy holidays from little old me.



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