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I’m Dreaming of a Blue Christmas

Did you know that here in Costa Rica, out in the big blue, you might see 12 tuna touring? Many of these giant tuna are bigger than you and weigh twice as much as your biggest friend.

Their favorite friends are dolphins. When tuna grow up, they like to hang out at dolphin parties. They will nearly always come swim with you, but only for a while.

Sometimes 11 sailfish sailing will show up at these parties. They flash their brilliant violet and indigo sails at each other like neon holiday lights pulsing on a city street.

Ten turtles floating in the blue can be seen by you. They might hope you’re a lonely turtle too, and then you won’t know what to do!

Nine dolphins leaping is always a good thing. They can’t resist a wave. They love hang time. They know how to dance – especially in the setting sun.

You’ll know what do with eight sharks a-mating. Stay out of the way. Let them play.

About this, what else may I say? Seven Spanish dancers dance in the Caribbean. When these large, colorful sea slugs get going, they rise up from the bottom into the blue. Then they turn pink and wiggle.

Six hectares of sardines is something to see in the Pacific. You won’t be the only one there; ocean creatures of all sizes love to eat sardines.

Five golden waves shining in the sun are there for you. Certain select surfing spots set toward the setting sun show the light shining on through. The result is more golden than you think.

Four calling whales seem to say a lot. The call sounds as big as a mountain all around. When you are close by in the water, you vibrate. You are part of the sound system of the whales.

Three French angelfish swim together in Costa Rica. They live only on the coral reef, where they look like ornaments on a decorated tree.

Two seas to see right here for you and me. One so diverse and one so productive, they will teach you each and every time.

And one blue ocean all around the world. It’s all connected. And it shines with little pieces of green. Without a shadow of a doubt, it’s the most lovely ornament ever seen.



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