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Arias’ Approval Rating Continues to Sink

President Oscar Arias’ public approval rating has dropped significantly this year, from 53 percent in January to 24 percent last month, according to a new opinion poll by CID-Gallup for the daily La República.

The poll puts Arias’ rating below the 29 percent support he received in a September poll by Unimer for the daily La Nación.

As with that poll, CID-Gallup analysts say the economy and crime are causing Ticos to lose faith.

“Economic problems, with the cost of living and lack of better salaries with which to fulfill the household needs, together with violence and crime are the principle problems perceived today in the country,” according to the study.

Fifty-eight percent of interviewees said they believe crime has worsened under the Arias administration.

One in four people lives with at least one person who has become a crime victim in the past four months, the pollsters found.

What’s more, only 41 percent of those cases were reported to the police.

All isn’t lost for Arias, however. Contrary to the falling overall public approval, Ticos’ satisfaction with his efforts at governing remains high, at 44 percent.

–Alex Leff



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