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Comic Relief for July 4th Weekend

The Little Theatre Group will celebrate U.S. Independence Day with its July Fourth weekend production, “The Freedom Comedy Show,” a variety show composed of skits, poetry, stand-up comedy, music and more.

The show focuses on humor and represents “the ranting and ravings of a great group of crazy, imaginative comic writers gone wild who can’t leave any punch line unturned,” says Dorothy Allison, the show’s director and a veteran of the stage. “We’ve got totally original work and adaptations of original work.

“While it is not a political statement, we have exercised our rights of freedom of speech and expression, and freedom from censorship as we created the show. Some of our skits are political in nature only because they deal with the issues of today.”

Much of “Freedom Comedy” consists of original material written by a small assembly of Little Theatre Group (LTG) writers. As the show’s producer, Mary White, points out, “(Freedom Comedy) gives LTG members a chance to see their own creative works produced on stage. It provides a forum for new directors to try their ideas and gain practical experience.”

One of those LTG members, Sherrie Robinson, offers her perspective as a writer: “You never know how funny your material is until you present it to an audience. In my experience, the more desperate the audience is for humor, the funnier my stuff is.”

Kevin Huey, orchestrator of LTG’s annual Halloween production and a “Freedom Comedy” contributor, remarks, “I enjoy twists and turns above all else, and comedy provides the ideal canvas to create them … I always try to find the absurdity that is present in every situation.”

Some of the skits include a visit to the strange animals of the Hamburg Zoo with Bob Allison, while Glenda Johnson interviews a high-ranking U.S. politician visiting Costa Rica. Barbara Adams will explain “Why It Takes a Woman to Get the Job Done.” The foils and foibles of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina is fodder for Kevin Huey, and Sherrie Robinson will present “The Food Ghosts.” Additional cast members include Stacy Chamblin, Ricardo Jiménez, Josh Siowiczek, Dale Watson and Vicky Longland.

Encouraged by the quality of LTG’s talent, director Allison “took the show through several metamorphoses to become what it is: hopefully an annual event of humor aimed at adults to celebrate U.S. Independence Day.”

Shows are July 4 and 5 at 7:30 p.m. and July 6 at 2:30 p.m. at the Laurence Olivier Theater on Avenida 2, Calle 28, next to Sala Garbo. Parental discretion is advised. For more information, call 8355-1623 or visit



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