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Johns in Jacó Robbed By ‘Sleepyhead’ Hookers

The Judicial Investigation Police arrested three prostitutes in Jacó who allegedly decided drugging their johns and robbing them would be more lucrative than sleeping with them.
The three women, with the last names Amador, Lezcano and Cortés, have been affectionately named Las Dormilonas, or the Sleepyheads, by law enforcement officials.
They were arrested Jan. 28 after allegedly robbing more than 40 million colones (about $80,000) from at least 15 foreigners, mostly from the United States, according to a police press release.
Las Dormilonas have since been released but are scheduled to appear in court on Feb. 13.
Judicial Investigation Police spokeswoman Margarita Morales said blood tests showed the alleged victims had high levels of benzodiazepine, a sedative, in their blood.
The drug is what the anti-anxiety diazepam, also known as Valium, is derived from, according to a search of online medical Web sites.
The women offered a $500 discount price to attract three men at a time into their schemes. Their normal price was $200 per person, she said.
Jacó Police Chief Clever Paco said authorities are depending on one witness, a U.S. citizen, to testify against the women on Feb. 13. He said getting the other victims to come forward has proven difficult because they were too embarrassed to publicly admit using prostitutes.
“They’re embarrassed because some of them are engaged,” he said. Paco said the suspects were not from Jacó and had been traced to San Jose.
“Most of the crime in Jacó is (committed by people) from elsewhere,” he said.

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