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Jet Fuel Now Flows At Limón Airport

After a wait of more than a year and a half that almost caused a local airline to cancel flights to the destination, the National Oil Refinery has announced it is now offering jet fuel at the Limón Airport on the Caribbean coast.
Late last year, Nature Air – a local airline that flies to Costa Rican destinations and had begun international flights to Panama that stopped in Limón – looked at canceling the Limón leg, citing lack of fueling facilities as one of its main gripes.
The government had told Nature Air that it would install the refueling facilities when Nature Air began the flight in mid-  2006, but by December of 2007 the supporthad yet to materialize.
The refinery said last year that the fueling facilities hadn’t been installed because it was awaiting the green light from the Ministry of Environment and Energy.

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