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Scientists Studying Turrialba Volcano

Scientists are keeping an eye on Turrialba Volcano, on the Caribbean-slope, where thousands of small earthquakes have occurred in recent weeks, according to experts from the Volcanological and Seismological Observatory of Costa Rica (OVSICORI) at the National University (UNA) in Heredia, north of San José.

The volcano, located above the town of Turrialba, recently registered more than 2,000 “mini quakes” too faint to be felt by residents.

“This seismic activity is associated with an intense flux of gas and steam through volcanic channels,” said a statement from OVSICORI.

Experts believe it’s possible the volcano could experience a mild eruption, spewing sediment and materials accumulated in its crater, not lava.

Turrialba last erupted lava in 1866, according to OVSICORI.


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