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Taiwan Donates $30 Million For New Power Plant

MANAGUA – The government of Taiwan gave Nicaragua $30 million for the purchase of a new thermal power plant with the capacity to generate 30 megawatts of energy, according to the Ministry of Foreign Relations.

The donation was made July 12 by Taiwanese Ambassador Chin-mu Wu to Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Samuel Santos, who said that the donation is a direct result of a request for help from President Daniel Ortega during a visit from Taiwan’s Foreign Minister last May.

Santos thanked Taiwan in the name of Nicaragua, adding, “this is important for our people in these moments of energy crisis.”

The new energy plant will produce roughly 6% of the national demand and will help to alleviate the country’s deficit, which is hovering around 80 megawatts, resulting in daily energy-rationing blackouts across the country.

The new Taiwanese plant, which still has to be purchased, shipped and installed, is not expected to go online until the first trimester of next year.



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