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Trucker License Requirements Tightened after Recent Deaths

The freewheeling truck driving industry in Costa Rica, which has long recruited drivers with little or no experience on the road, may be coming to a screeching halt soon, according to a statement by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport.

The Ministry announced that it will once again require prospective trailer truck drivers to have five years of experience or more before obtaining the necessary permits to handle the big rigs, according to a report in the daily La Nación.

The process will also require a test that proves applicants capable of handling the trucks, which outweigh anything on the road and intimidate, and often endanger, other drivers.

The recent announcement came after a number of highly publicized accidents involving young truck drivers on Costa Rica’s notoriously dangerous roads.

Currently licensed truck drivers will also be required to take a test before they can renew their permits – allowing for a full “cleansing” of the system, according to the La Nación report.



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