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Life Here is Still Safe, Normal After Election

Dear Nica Times:

Some may be disappointed and nervous with the results of the election. But I assure you that it is “business as usual” here.

Banks, stores and offices are all open and operating as they normally do. The streets of Managua are as they always are.

Nicaragua remains the same safe, peaceful country it was yesterday – a county of warm, friendly people who are eager to welcome you and show off the beauty and charm their land possesses.

After the elections, there were various celebrations with large groups of FSLN members in several areas. All were peaceful.

They were nothing different than what we would have seen if the ALN or PLC had won the election.

At one point, I was driving and there were some cars blocking the road at one of the celebration locations.When the car owners noticed that they were in the way, they apologized immediately and removed their vehicles very respectfully.

My family feels completely safe living here in Nicaragua. We fully intend to go forward with all of the plans we have made here for our lives and business.

Some are concerned that Nicaragua’s progress will slow tremendously, stop or even reverse. I do not agree at all.

Mr. Ortega says he has changed and he has reassured business leaders that their investments are safe. He has also promised to improve labor and environmental laws, while respecting property and business contracts. We believe he is serious.

Lori Estrada




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